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Museum From Home

Explore Brockville's history with some at home, do it yourself activities with the Brockville Museum.  Feel free to share your experience with us on social media - tag us @BrockvilleMus, or by emailing us - And have fun!

A Guide to Historic Brockville Buildings

Discover the history of some of Brockville's most notable and historic buildings with this guide. Use it as a self-guided walking or driving tour of historic Brockville, or just to gain some insight into some of the buildings you see everyday. Available as a free PDF download here, or for purchase at the museum for $2. A more detailed bound booklet is also available at the museum for $8. (Launched June 2022)

Scavenger Hunts

Explore some of Brockville's most popular parks and trails using maps from 1946 and our scavenger hunt questions. Fun and educational for all ages! See your outdoor playgrounds in a whole new way. Click on the image to open the PDF with questions, hints, and map. (Launched May 2021)


The area around the Museum and Hardy Park has changed a lot over the years. Did you know it used to be covered by factory buildings? Explore this popular area in a whole new way!


One of the more popular sections of the Brock Trail was once part of the Canadian Pacific Railway! Take a stroll along this former rail bed to uncover the area's history.


Brockville's waterfront was once full of factories, not parks and condominiums like it is today. See what evidence of the past you can spot in the Centeen Park area of Water Street East.


Watch the video then do the activity using the attached PDF! All videos features objects from our collection, local stories, and a do-it-yourself activity, geared towards school-aged children.

Explore the history of the Canadian Flag and Brockville's unique connection to this Canadian symbol... then make your own flag!

Click on the PDF icon to open the worksheet!

Learn about the kinds of Christmas decorations that might have been used in Beecher House in the 19th century... then make your own!

Click on the PDF icon to open the worksheet!

Learn about the five Ws: who, what, when, where, and why! These are super important in a museum!

Click on the PDF icon to open the worksheet!

Explore Brockville's history of spiritualism and learn about dowsing and tea reading... then give it a try!

Click on the PDF icon to open the activity sheets!

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